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A Short Walk Through the Streets of England


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Here is a very short snippet of the story I am developing for my fursona, Felix Bernard. It is best to read his character sheet first before reading this to understand some of the background.

Character sheet: www.furaffinity.net: My Fursona: The Puritan Fox by Felix_Bernard

His paws were quivering as he held the quill. Every so often did a tear drop upon the page... “Dear Tigrash” were the letters in bold on top of the page. The wolf who saved his life - the wolf who brought such clarity to his soul... Wasn’t it this wolf he now entrusted his own life to? Felix was a broken mess that night as he wrote to his savior. He could only think ‘isn’t this not a small glimpse of my Almighty Savior who died for me?’ These thoughts gave some relief to his sorrow and grief, but absolution would not be for a long time. Felix could not allow himself to be completely lost in despair now: the next morning was when he was to go before the church’s council concerning the article he distributed the week before. Felix’s mind was restless. What else could he write to his wolf companion?

He decided then to go for a walk out in the streets. Perhaps the foggy air and dim light of dusk could calm his restless and broken countenance. Out into the streets of England he did set, the hem of his cape swaying to and fro in the air of dusk. The quietness of the night penetrated him, and the fog made dew upon his whiskers. In the sewers next to the corner of the street he heard the skeevers mischievously plotting - those darn rascals. When will the authorities put an end to these miserable rodents? He set on, passing the shops as he went and taking deep breaths, the cool night air brought many different scents to him. Across the bend of the street, leaning against the brick building of the corner edifice, was a familiar figure - it was the cheetah. The peculiar figure was picking his sharp teeth with a pin and glanced over at Felix as though he was expecting him.

“Why, hello there little fox boy.”

Felix stopped in front of him and answers in his mild voice. “Hello. How long have you been out here?”

“Oh, well.” The cheetah gave a very cunning smile. “I know you usually take walks around this time.”

“So you’re stalking me?”

“No. No. I just need to speak to you about - some pressing matters.” The cheetah leaned over toward him. “You see, that article you distributed, I find great potential in it.”

“What do you mean?” Felix looked at him with intimate curiousity.

“Well, you wrote that the church should never spend this and that fortune on icons and images, and should instead give that money to the poor, correct?”

“I did write that. We are called as God’s people to care for the poor and needy - not fancy ourselves in luxurious riches. Besides, icons do not belong in the church, Christ fulfilled the Levitical use of types and images.”

The cheetah clears his throat. “I have no idea what you just said at the end there, but very well.” There was a short pause. “I agree with you. We should care for the poor, and you see I know many very poor people who could use the money.”

“Yes, may God ever provide their needs and use me to do so to His glory.”

“Ahh, that is very correct fox boy, God is using you. But who says we need to reform the church through petty diplomacy? Why not take for ourselves their gold cups and statues and sell them? If you help me out I will assure you, the money will be given to the poor. Well. Most of it anyway.”

Felix gives a stern growl. “Evil cannot be corrected through evil! Such folly. I refuse to be a part of your scandalous deeds good sir.”

“Too bad. Too bad.”

Felix walked away, giving occasional glances back. Isn’t this just another evidence of the world’s utter depravity? The petty thief is no less in need of God’s saving grace through Christ than anyone else. He slowly got tired, and realized it was time for him to go back home for the night to get some early rest. The next day was to be a very important and difficult day for him. His black cape blew to the side as he turned to go down another street homeward.