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A Shy Hello From A Newbie

Cloud Spire

New Member
Hello everyone!

Tl;dr at the bottom.

I've been lurking and getting a feel for the furry community for about a week now and finally worked up the courage to get involved or at least say hi.

So I saw some anthro art about a week ago that struck me as really beautiful. I knew furries existed but always thought it was a sexual preference and nothing more. My curiosity was piqued by that point and I started a research binge on the furry community. The conclusion? Furries are some of the coolest people. The community seems really chill and welcoming with the least amount of hate I've seen in any fandom. It's refreshing to see a group of people that aren't divided and snobby towards newcomers.

All in all, what made me want to join is the art, the fursonas, and all the lovely people <3

Oh uh so about me...
I'm an adult female who spends most of her time playing video games, writing, and indulging her curiosity. While not a great artist, I do like drawing and seeing the amazing art here has given me motivation to improve.

The fursona creation process has been fun and while I am by no means done, I have chosen her to be a tanuki! It was a hard choice but I eventually realized that I have always gravitated toward tanuki for a long while (about seven years). Everything else will be fleshed out eventually but I feel the hardest part is over (besides a name of course)!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you lovely people around!

Tl;dr: New furry here to say hi. I like video games and writing. Working on my drawing skills. Fursona is a female tanuki. I hope to see you lovely people around <3


I lost my sock
Hello newbie! I hope you enjoy your time in the community! Your fursona design will come to you eventually, but you gotta start somewhere:)


Å nei, cringe
Welcome to the forums, darlin'.

Hope you enjoy your stay.


A warm welcome to you, Cloudy! ^w^
be sure to jump into some threads, mingle with the fur folk here. You'll make friends in no time!
Hope you have a good time here ^_^


A wild red panda appeared!
Hello! I'm Sophie!
Another newbie here, with a similar backstory too. Except I'm still lost in the fursona department.
What's your favorite video game? I mostly play Pokémon, but also like Skyrim.