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Crimson Oranges

New Member
Hello all!

I am opening myself up to public commissions.

I am an animal / anthro artist who specializes in realistic art and traditional mediums (Colored pencil, marker, pencil, ink, etc)

I am here due to a current emergency situation and looking for work.

What I can do:

Reference sheets

Most of my commissions are private (As the NSFW option is very big), but due to a situation at home, I am making them public (Not the art but the service :p)
Lionday drawingsmaller.jpg

What I can offer:

Digital files
or actual art (Shipped to you)
Safety in the form of Paypal as payment (Half up front, the other half once completed/you're satisfied)
QUALITY art - Art is my life, you get 8 hours per day on any given piece
Constant contact to keep you updated

If the mods would like to see more of my links verify, please let me know.

I've included a commission that I have recently finished for a customer who allowed me to post here.

I will be opening 10 slots at a time and slots may be reduced depending on the
commissioners request.

Thanks for your time!