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Im looking to start a story driven, possibly NSFW, Rp. The type of characters will determine the age we start in or a overall preference.

1. No OP characters, you will be kicked for trying to be God.

2. Use proper grammar.

3. No one liner posts, this will be story based and will require 2-3 sentences posts.

If you can do that then post bellow.


Resident pervy rainbow unicorn
What era are we talking about? Pre-Republic, Republic, Empire, post-Empire?

I might be interested, I actually help run a tabletop Star Wars RP :p So a story RP might be refreshing


The Autistic Otter
How many people are you looking for? Are you planning simple p2p, or is it going to be a larger group?
I'm curious about this as well, I rather enjoy Old Republic era settings. and love Star Wars.


Ill join too! I love Star Wars and the Old Republic is one of my favorite era's ever!