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A summary for one little, magical fox

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(English is not my native language, I hope this wall is bearable to read regardless.
Also, since there's a limit to how long you can write your thread, I put the remaining half of this summary into the first comment right beneath it.)


Name: Fenja
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Species: Red fox with antlers

Style: Wild, fluffy hair, wears lots of dresses or robes
Behavior and Personality:Kind, optimistic, often dreamy
Skills: Herbalism, some magic, some alchemy, some archery, basket weaving, cooking.
Weaknesses: Easily distractable, odd, worldly innocent
Likes: Nature, good food, long talks in front of bonfires.
Dislikes: Close mindedness, overly loud people/things.
Orientation: Lesbian

:The little, antlered fox was born into a family of normal foxes. The father was a superstitious man and a lumberjack. The mother was a little less superstitious and, when she wasn’t busy with tending to the house or her husband, made some extra coin through weaving baskets. Both believed in old gods, albeit that he did through fear, and she more through respect.
They were a happy together, having the luxury of less wealthy parents allowed them to pick their partner without anyone interfering, especially without needing to be married off due to financial reasons. It didn’t take long for the future mother to become pregnant. Later, during the pregnancy they decided to walk into the forest together. An almost weekly routine for the couple, go in, grab a few herbs and mushrooms for dinner, return. But on their way in they were approached by some entity. Large and seemingly made out of light, with only a few defining features to make out. An animistic stature, a tail of undefined nature and large antlers. It didn’t speak to them, yet both understood it’s intentions effortlessly. It was dying, magical and old. It was ready to leave this world, but wanted to leave something behind. So it requested to awaken it’s magic within the unborn child, and that both of them kept it a secret. Both looked at each other, silently remaining in awe by the beings presence, and eventually nodded. The mother felt a touch, the light became glaring, blinding their eyes. Once their sight returned to them the being was gone, only a bed of flowers remained.

Childhood: Fenja generally experienced love from both of her parents. She was treated well, even though she, like any other child in her age, was expected to help her mother during work. Often she kept the house clean or supported her mother with her weaving. Once she was old enough that changed into actively weaving baskets herself, properly piling up the firewood and sometimes going into the forest with her father. She was supposed to be doing this once she reached her eighth summer, but for reasons she wasn’t able to properly articulate at the time she wanted to almost desperately go into the forest all by herself. Something that was too dangerous for young Fenja, but after many arguments the couple figured that it would be best to let her go with her father before she decided to take matters into her own paws, possibly bringing herself in danger in the process.
Whenever she was outside the house, surrounded by nature, the little fox immediately displayed a state of relaxation rarely seen before. She had an affinity towards nature, even a blind man would be able to see that. But apart from that, nothing special happened during the next three summers to come. After those, whenever she stepped outside the world seemed to react. Nature specifically. When Fenja was remaining at one place for a prolonged time, grass seemed to grow faster and flowers opened themselves, as if they were awaiting to be pollinated. Fenja took notice of that, but her innocent mind was more euphoric about “how pretty all the flowers were when she stepped outside” than observant about her own influence to them.

Late Childhood: War took root in the land. It only started and waged on the lands borders, but it’s effects were noticeable even to outsiders like the family of foxes. Fenjas father was lucky enough not to be assimilated into the kings army due to his old age. But the demand for wood increased while necessities like food were more difficult to come by. The child was send into the city to trade for food on the cities market while her parents continued to work. More often she found herself being pulled further away from nature and forced behind the unwelcoming palisades of the city. Her antlers, steadily growing, weren’t of much help either. She herself eventually noticed that something about her was odd, and so did the townsfolk. In order to cope with all the bad things the war brought with itself the folk grew more cynical and distrustful, especially to outsiders. Husbands and sons didn’t return after the first years of the war, people were looking for things to blame.
Surprised glances turned into critical eyeing the longer the war continued. Perplexity quickly changed into cynicism. The word “little witch” was thrown around. To her luck she eventually ran into a young guardsman, who fortunately was ordered to stay guard in town instead of being forced to go to war himself. This could’ve been the end of her, most guardsmen were just as quarrelsome as the townsfolk was, only they had sharp weapons as well. This one however turned out to be the opposite. An optimist, nearly always smiling, with one of the warmest voices Fenja ever had the pleasure of listening to. She excused herself and was met with a hearty laughter. They talked for long and would continue to do so whenever she visited the city. From now on she was often accompanied by him, protected even. It didn’t change the peoples outlook on her, but a sharp shortsword was enough to keep most of them quite.
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Early Adolescence: After being fourteen summers old, things changed. Now Fenja knew that something was off with her. Why the antlers, why this affection towards nature? And why would nobody give her an explanation? Her father remained silent, always claiming not to know and eventually actively avoiding questions like these. He was no actor, and the growing fox developed a steadily growing sense of empathy. She knew something was off, she knew that he was afraid to tell her. Her mother wasn’t of much help either, she as well told nothing, albeit with a much friendlier attitude. But at this point the fox was too frustrated. She packed her things into a backpack that she acquired after a year of saving up money and ran away during the protection of the night. Her first stop was the city. Her friend, Arvo the guardsman, was already awaiting her. He noticed her frustration, and while he had no answers for her himself, he was just as curious to find out. His life wasn’t becoming any better in the town anyway, now the food was getting scarce for him as well, and colleagues started to treat him bad for always hanging around with “that witch”. So he packed his own things, a shortsword, rations, a new bow with some arrows and fled the city. He could be branded a traitor, but he didn’t care. He only cared for the chance of a better life, maybe even a life with Fenja, if destiny was kind to him.

Late Adolescence: The two overcame many hardships during the next years. The actual war still didn’t reach them, but that wouldn’t spare them of some fights. Most bandits they met showed themselves relatively nice. Superstitious like any other towards Fenja, but nice. Probably because an armed and armored man was much more trouble than they wanted to put up with, most being barely able to posses sickles or little axes at best. The bigger groups, those that acquired armor and formidable weapons themselves, those were a problem. They ran into trader once, he and two of his mercenaries were fighting a group of six armed robbers. Here it was that she killed her first person.
They were outnumbered, definitely under-equipped. The only advantage they held was that the duos arrival wasn’t noticed by anyone. Being the helpful, wannabe heroic people they were, both Fenja and Arvo wordlessly agreed to help. He left her his bow and his quiver. During the last years she learned how to use them in exchange for showing him how to cook his own meals. He snuck up to the first man, quickly ending his life through slicing his throat. She shot her first arrow, only barely missing it’s target by what must’ve been a few centimeters. Alas, one arrow was enough for the man to notice her, so he quickly turned around and ran towards her. Thinking that she would soon greet death the fox panicked, slowly going back, hastily trying to pull the bowstring back to shoot another arrow.
He was merely five feet away from her, then she let loose. Luck must have been with her on that day, because it quickly buried itself into the targets neck, the arrowhead peeking out from behind.
Coughing and gagging followed as he desperately tried to gasp for air, eventually collapsing right in front of a pale and shocked Fenja. She threw the bow aside, fell on her knees and begged him to stop. While tearing up she pressed her hands against his wound, begging, pleading. During this it almost looked like here palms were starting to emit a faint, green glow. But the robber inevitably died, and she had to come to terms with it. Arvo helped her up, apparently the battle was successful for them. While she removed her hands from the corpses neck he noticed a few blades of grass, as well as a tiny daisy growing out of the wound.

They ate together with the trader and his men, but left the next morning. He seemed fine, but the fight definitely took it’s toll on the antlered girl. Things eventually turned lighter during her 17th summer. They settled down in some little village, at least temporarily. She started to gain interest in one of the villages handmaidens. Arvo became worried after noticing this, wanting to approach her and ask her, but blaming himself for not mentioning anything earlier. Eventually he did, but was stricken with sadness after hearing from her that only women were attractive to her. He felt like he needed space for himself, distance. The decision to leave Fenja as soon as she knew about her antlers and past was forming in his head. Eventually, after leaving the town, they ran into yet another mysterious being in the forest. A self declared witch by the looks of it, claiming to know answers to their questions. She would show Fenja her magic and make her into what she is today. While Arvo took the chance to wander off after saying his farewells to his friend. They swore to meet up again, to which he happily agreed. He knew that his pain was only temporarily, and with her wishing him a great future and to find love for himself, he walked away, now on his own path.
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