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A thanksgiving message


Lurking in Castle Moats
Lovecube, and other people baaawwing over the banner:


Like I said, only those complaining about the banner are putting sexual undertones to it.

I'm not putting sexual undertones into it. My argument is based on the fact that fat fur art/inflation is considered a non-sexual fetish. Fetish's sexual or not do not belong on the banner.

Try reading.

I have seen both things. Guess what? Red Herring. Irrelevent. We are dealing with a banner on a site where that style of art is considered and under a section as a fetish. Moving on.

The picture involves two characters who technically inflated due to rapidly ingesting food leading to weight gain. Technically it fits the as being fetish related.


Fluffy Bunbutts
I'm complaining because it makes me feel physically ill, like certain guro pics.

I don't care for most females and I dislike most dragons.
Usually when dealing with them I get headaches, so when I see them it pisses me off. Not to mention when they have banners of Rendef ready to pop out of her swimming suit, kinda like they did in the summer, it disgusts me a little.

You don't see me bitching to remove Rendef from the banner every month do you?

No, cause I just adblock the banner if I don't like it instead of whining.

Verin Asper

The Smart Idiot
Ad block
Ad block
Ad block
Ad Block
Ad block
Ad block
Ad Block

but dont worry...it will be over soon and you can start complaining about next months banner or maybe continue arguing days after its taken down? sounds fun right folks? Arguing about something that will be taken down after today for days after its gone =3


Lord of the Owl Empire
Yay for thanksgiving!
And yeah, judging people by the weight of their fursona? Hmm that seems strange.


Lurking in Castle Moats
I actually do not see much differece between the banner and those comics. You're just trying to find things to piss and moan about. As it's been said dozens of times already, use adblock, ignore it, and move on with your life. It's not that hard, trust me. I've done it with other banners in the past that I've hated.

Lawl at people being butt-hurt over someone having an opinion, and so rather than consider the premise, call it whining so they don't have to deal with it.

No, if I wanted to whine and moan about something, I'd go on a tangent at how pathetic a certain individual on FA is for following me to another website, bitching and moaning, and trying to troll me because he's too much of a waste of life to get a grip on himself and deal with his dislike of what I have to say civilly.

But....why bother? This site has shown me just how bad some of you are at dealing with people dare have an opinion and bring it up in a civil way. I made a mistake at thinking some of you could handle civil discussion.

That said...lets move on, and have a nice day.