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A thing I want to do, but I'm unsure of


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Hello, all!
So, I've been doing some thinking and looking around the world of the internet and have come to the conclusion I might want to create something new.

This is to sort of tie in with the idea of a podcast. Although I'd love to do one of those, I don't have the equipment, the privacy, the regular availability or the speaking skills to do that.

So, I want to try and make a sort of 'written podcast' updated on a regular basis for ya'll to read!

If I end up doing this, I'll host it on my Patreon page, which is going to be locked behind an 18+ warning, as some things I'll talk about would be for adults only, like 18+ rated videogames.
Non-patrons will still be able to see these posts, but I may offer earlier access to existing and future patrons.

Topics will include recent events, toys and things from my childhood, memories of places, videogames etc.

Do you guys think this is something you'd check out? :3


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Sure sounds fun to me ^~^