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A Very Special Message from Balto Woof


I like to nuke ^^
I thought the status update had mentioned a minimum of 4 hours to crank up the server, but the administrators wanted to take 3 days to insure things were working?

I'm up for the 3 days. Best to be absolutely sure things are working properly. I'm in no rush, since my new artwork isn't done yet anyway.

Yep. Better test it twice before going to full throttle, no need for another burnout that costs time, money, and nerves - LOTS of nerves. ;-)


Cant think up a custom title
Monday morning isn't good news. :p

I didn't hump hard enough or the right person.

dang..........well then go hump a leg again. if at first you dont succed. try try and hump again


Wild lunatic!
I've got three new items to upload:

1. Music
2. Lol Image
3. Proper Image

I'm not telling what they are yet but I have spent loads of time with a mate on the Music one, but the recorded quality is a little rubbish because it's live in a large hall.

Wewt for FA, Can't wait now.....

music and rubbish quality you say too.
sounds like a project to me.
all know me for the reworks i did to the pokemon movie stuff.s



Wild lunatic!