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A very timid hello


Watch Dog
ummm... Hi?


oh god this is more difficult than i thought

if you cant tell, im extremely shy

but I seek other furries to hang out with, and enjoy the company of

so here I am

dont eat me ._.

Reito means frostbite
Avid video gamer, wannabe designer
I have yet to make an official fursona, but I'de have to say it will be a Wolf
My avatar makes me laugh
My personal title makes me laugh
dont eat me, again ._.



Salutations there! Welcome to the forums! :D
After a stare war against your avatar, I'm afraid to say that I laughed too.

Care for some tea?


I'm "Human" get over it.
Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay at FAF! :D
ryanleblanc said:
The Unofficial, Seven-Point NOOB Guide to the Fur Affinity Forums:

Welcome, new member of FAF! Before you dive in and join the conversations on this forum, I would like to run a few guidelines by you.
  1. FAF is an intelligent discussion forum, not a place for trolling.
  2. Do not discuss touchy subjects such as religion or abortion unless you are prepared for a flame war. Even if you are prepared, please refrain from doing so.
  3. “Murry purry” language is frowned upon here, this is not a roleplaying forum.
  4. Do not discuss your fetishes here, unless your fetish conveniently happens to be getting ripped a new asshole, in which case many members would be more than happy to oblige.
  5. Remember to read the stickies. They contain all kinds of useful information for new members.
  6. Necro-ing threads is not tolerated here. Remember to always check the date on the last post in a thread before posting. If the last post made in a thread is over 3-4 weeks old, the thread is dead, and posting in it is considered necro-ing.
  7. Rather than posting a quick “lol” or “I agree”, use the “This” button located under each post in a thread.
These are some of the more essential guidelines of the forum. Be sure you read the actual official rules which you can find by clicking this LINK.
Rules and formalities aside, Welcome to the Fur Affinity Forums!


Only a Book Smart Nerd
"<--Don't eat me!!!"

Welcome, from the forum 'munk.