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"A Whole Week In Diapers" Game by ABDLMiah + Download Links + Chapter 1 Free [Last Release 10/28/2022] [Update 1.18!]



[Release 2.0] [Game Update 11/18/2022] [Leaving the nursery! [3/3]]​

Good morning my babies!

First of all, sorry for taking an extra week with this version (I've been quite sick and well I better not give details). But we already have here the latest version with AWWID history content for chapter 2! YEEEIII~

What's new in this version?​

First of all, remember that it is a story update, so what is important in part are the dialogues, which I cannot put here.
Also say that this is the last update of chapter 2 of history. I may do some more but it won't be to continue the story but to put an alternative ending or to fix some bugs.
Apart from the story I had to work on the design of some babies and cribs, as well as an animation for Mia and Emily walking together.


(Image of Mia carrying Emily)

Finally I have also created an animation for the teleporter, with some sound effects and visual effects.

And this is all for now babies, if you haven't played awwid for a long time now that chapter 2 is finished, it's time!
And this is all for now my babies, see you in the next post and I hope you liked this update a lot. Have a wonderful weekend! Little kisses~
Download Link (Patreon): Here
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ABDLMiah
Discord: https://discord.gg/Bn8JKDvCzZ