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A wild Golem appears.


Chubby Unicorn
Well, hello. That's a good start, yes? Hello.
I'm Golem. Name inspired by a monster in Dragon's dogma of the same name, rather then the pokemon.. but it's just as fitting, heh. Or my real name's Jesse. Golem's more interesting, though. I live in the UK. I've been in the fandom five or six years. I loose track. Only really gotten more involved over the past two years. I'm a pretty nice fella, honestly. I'm mildly obsessed with ungulates, and my 'sona is a Sumatran rhino. I like making friends, but aren't so great at doing so.

I'm not very good with introductions.. so. uhm. hello!

Oh, and I'm 'Repulsive' on FA's main site. Mhmm.


is the prettiest pony~
Heh, I just realized, you're Repulsive and I'm Icky. We should hang out :U