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A wild turian appears!


Sexy Turian That Writes Things (STTWT)

Hello there!

Oh, hello! Fancy seeing you here... My name is Hariel Tertius, I've been writing fiction since I was a tiny human. Now that I'm all grown up I want to branch out my writing like a leafy tree on steroids. I make a wide variety of things, such as concepts and fiction. I also love to "appreciate" other people's art and roleplay! You might of also known me as "Drtraumaty" "Artificialcodex" or "Sail." I write a lot of fictional concepts and literature. One day you might find me publishing a short story, and the other a creative concept such as a fictional government of sorts. It really depends on how I feel, especially since I'm very prone to getting bored of doing one thing and end up doing something else, so eventually I end up with multiple projects completed at once! Weird but its how my brain works.

I always love feedback on how I can improve my writing. So, if you have time I'd appreciate it if you checked out my Furaffinity!

Anyways, thanks for having me! I'll see you around.


Nice to meet you! I don't really consider myself a writer but i do roleplay (i'm a casual) and worldbuilding is a passion of mine. I do love hearing about other peoples' ideas and unfortunately i don't currently have a dump site for lore to share.


Super like!!! Hello there. I know how you feel about the juggling of ideas thing. I've got two stories and a drawing all going at the moment, yet my brain still wants to start something else. Will definitely take a look through your work :cool:


The Lurcher
That's fantastic. I too used to write short stories but I don't seem to have the time these days.
Anyways welcome! :)