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A work in progress, but still want some critique


Lover of goth girls, now going my 2DJay

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confusing light sources,
  • no light from light post
  • shading of blue building is too light, tone ought to be shade similar to the unlighted bushes at the back.
  • parts of character stood in front of car head lights should reflect a almost white, then hood of car gets intense shine back, because character stood very close.
perspective too high, lower to somewhere between back tire looks more natural.

more contrast, use a monotone filter to check between shades. never use solid black.

many hard to see parts:
  • bumper vs floor
  • grill vs car vs tone
  • tire vs floor


Lover of goth girls, now going my 2DJay
I see. Thanks. Although I already sort of finished it, I'll definitely redraw it