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A year in my town...


Punished "Venom" Rinku
I often complain about how terrible my lovely town of Chilliwack, BC is. But this ain't just teen angst, I swear to christ people are actually batshit crazy junkies around here, check it out:
Just one year on one road... now imagine an entire town. Granted, the mayor doesn't give a shit about downtown Chilliwack and some spots are worse than others, but when religious meth-heads walk into your old high school and start becoming a threat to your peers, or when a lady drops a damn fetus into a nearby coffee shop's toilet, or when THREE PEOPLE GET STABBED IN A MONTH; lines only get grayer and grayer until it becomes a mini police state.
I needed a rant, thanks.


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6:38 "I killed my daughter" ?!? The fudge? I once saw a racoon in a trashcan. That guy coming back with the bike to that house was relentless! Not even waiting until night! .... how many people want to rob that guy?! Ridiculous! Wow, did not think it would be that bad until I saw video. Your parents/ you do not want to move somewhere safer? That place looks awful. Sure Alaska has dead bodies turning up every day under the snow because the eskimos get drunk and pass out in the snow and get buried by it but at least people are not beating each other to death (in public). They usually do it politely and go into the forest to murder/rob people. Or the timber wolves, blizzards, earthquakes, murderers, lack of food/sunlight, avalanches, solitude will get you. I once got double teamed by some timber wolves that bit right through my reinforced clothing and left some large scars. The eskimos are only dangerous if they are sober. Luckily they are perpetually drunk like the druggies in that video. I still love Alaska and may move back there one day.


Punished "Venom" Rinku
Your parents/ you do not want to move somewhere safer?
Where I live specifically isn't half bad, but I go into the thick of it for work and I'll be knee-deep when I move into an apartment. But other than that, the one person I rely on to move out with me and develop the band thinks this is the best place since Iceland.


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Wasn't there a really horrible band, by that name, that everyone there is forced to listed to?

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Lol murika! The raccoons and bird was kinda cute though.


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Well. Barcelona is a pretty calm city. Except for pickpockets, rare car accidents and stupid kids smoking weed at the entry of almost every school


Hot damn, i'm sorry to see that. >.> Where I used to live, meth-heads and pot-smokers are a pretty common occurrence.... the pot-heads aren't the problem, it's the methheads. My mom and my brother-in law currently work at a 711 near my old home, and that 711 is placed near what we call the meth-head apartments. No shit, they end up having to call the cops at least three times a month, if not more-so depending on who comes in. They've had those guys beg and scream at people, right next to the fucking store. If it wasn't for the red-necks around the area (that more than likely have a gun permit on them), then I honestly couldn't tell you how much more dangerous it would be. The entire Tri-Cities is pretty safe.... it's just the areas where the meth-heads congregate that are pretty damn unsafe, especially at night.

The area that i'm in right now is pretty damn safe... considering it's on a marine military base. Hell, they've got drug-dogs and guards with rifles right outside the gate. But outside of it? Yeah, I wouldn't be caught dead wandering around at night. According to my taxi-driver (his name is Juan, super awesome guy), cocaine is SUPER big around these parts.... and there's a ton of homeless people that wander around too; some pretty damn violent. I've gotten pretty lucky, that I don't have to worry about my own safety as much.