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Chihuahua/Italian greyhound.

I'm considered small, 5'6 at 136 pounds.
While I'm small I have long legs.
I have brown eyes.
When I'm cold I shake pretty badly.
chocolate makes me sick.
I have a very sensitive stomach.

Personality wise:
I love to lay out in the sun.
I'm super attached to the people I do like.
I tend to be standoffish with people I don't know.
Big mouth but little body so I'm better as a watch person then a protector (Though I'm working on that.)
I love to be in high places.

Andy Dingo Wolf

The Oncoming Storm
Hmm... We both have blue eyes, we both have anger issues, we're both socially awkward xD My fursona is just a reflection of me... But with fur.

Though my other characters are the embodiments of other traits I possess :)

Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase.
We both walk on two feet


New Member
Hair, body-weight/other features and height. I'd say he's basically my mental self translated into a wolf that wears clothing.


Lumi is shy and calm , I am shy and calm too.
He has the same height as me.


Moshi Moshi, Byron Desu~
I love digging through trash. When I see a big trash pile by the side of the road, I get excited.


I'm a very curious person, always seeking out new experiences. I love eating fruit so very much. I also love climbing and being acrobatic. And I'm really emotive, too.

Ruffus J. Mutt

New Member
I'm very loyal and protective, can be a bit of a smooth talker and have been told more then once I have some very nice steel color eyes.
Well, I share a lot with my fursona.

Physically, he's as tall as me, has a similar body structure (aside from being a wolf and having wolf traits, that is), and he has a scar on his elbow, just like I do. He basically gets these as I do, just in a different way.
His behavior is pretty much like my own, as well as his likes and dislikes. There are a few minor differences, such as him being just slightly more aggressive, but overall, he's more or less the same way I am.
He's also half blind, even though he doesn't look like he is, just like me.

It's because when I made him, I decided to take myself as a base, and try putting that in my furry world. The result was someone who's pretty much just me as a wolf, with a few differences.
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[...] are solitary animals by nature
[...] their behavior and appearance are markedly different from those of other rodents [...] Lemmings, by contrast, are conspicuously colored and behave aggressively towards predators and even human observers. The lemming defense system is thought to be based on aposemantism (warning display)


I am the real Troi Shady
Physical: both have green highlights and we are both short 4'11
behavioral/personality: doesn't get into trouble, smart, kindhearted, kinda nerdy, loves video games, and hanging with friends. We both really love eminem as well lol


We both enjoy sushi, yum yum.


New Member
Wood rats are such cool critters. They love to explore and find new things, but home always comes first (big, elaborate nests called 'middens' that can be maintained by generations of them for tens of thousands of years). They're little historians and ecologists.

They're also bigger than normal rats (I'm around 6'1''), and have a gentler personality (strictly herbivores, though I'm not a veggie). I wear a backpack often, so their moniker "pack rat" fits, too.

I love that you're a lemming. I never see them and they're so cool.


I love that you're a lemming. I never see them and they're so cool.

I saw them only twice. First time, when I was kayaking in Finland, second time near the Baykal lake in Russia. Sadly, they aren't native to the central Europe.
If you want to see them you should go to Canada or northern states of the USA.

Maelstrom Eyre

Ahmoua Wolf
Species: an orca/wolf "merfur"

So, I picked little bits of both species that express who I am in RL.

Not extremely social with those I don't know well, but open and playful and expressive once I get more comfortable around people, form good friendships, etc.

Enjoy body-surfing and swimming, but also love exploring the dry land.

Probably misinterpreted as beng "meaner" than I actually am.


Nyro's an amur leopard, a solitary animal... so I guess that works. I'm not really a social person at all.