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Aaria the Lady Loving Lioness


Decided to throw my sona at you guys to get opinions and such! I've never really viewed her in any light other than her feral self, so don't expect any real-world behaviors or things to be mentioned. The height/age/weight is for her feral self as well. Although I AM looking for someone to draw me an anthro version of her? *waggles eyebrows* Anyways! Feedback is appreciated.


Name: Aaria
Age: 5 (21 human years)
Sex: Female
Species: Lion
Height: 3'8"
Weight: 260 pounds

- Hair and fur: Dark brown is the base color of her fur
- Markings: Her underbelly, paws, and all the way up to her mouth/nose is white. Her toes are cream tipped, and she has a cream bib on her throat, as well as on the very front of her mouth and on her sides. Her legs are banded in dark brown and she has light dark brown spotting on her sides.
- Eye color: Brown
- Other features: She often sports a mane made of colorful bird feathers arranged in a rainbow like pattern.

Behavior and Personality: Despite her slightly rough history, Aaria is a very loving, caring soul. When it comes to those she cares about, she puts them before all else, wanting nothing but to know they are safe and happy. Once her loyalty is earned, it is steadfast and constant, never wavering. That being said, it takes work to earn said loyalty. When meeting new people, she is wary and anxious, yet at the same time wanting to like them. She has been hurt before, but her heart knows that not all are like that, causing her mind and heart to go to war quite often over matters of trust. However, once she makes up her mind, good luck getting her to change it. She is quite stubborn and refuses to waver on manners she feels strongly about. That being said, she holds grudges very well and takes a long time to let them go, even in the slightest. She also has a temper. It takes a lot to get her angry, but god help those that do.

On a more personal level, she is very confident in herself. Having taken some time to accept her sexuality and fully grow into it, she is now the cocky, confident lioness that she always knew she could be. She can be outgoing sometimes, and she is quite the flirt despite being fully devoted to Callidora. And while she loves the attention of others, she also loves nothing more than to be curled up with the ones she cares about.




History: Aaria was born to a small, yet well off pride. Her father led their pride well and her mother guided the other lionesses and kept food in the mouths. She was one of many cubs born to the pride that year, which meant she had quite a lot of siblings. From the beginning, she found security in her brothers. She enjoyed the rough tussling that came with playing with them, finding it more entertaining than the preening her sisters tended to do. As she grew, the divide between her and her sisters deepened. It wasn't that she disliked them; she simply didn't find them interesting. Her parents saw this divide happening, but did nothing of it. In their eyes, she was exploring other paths instead of the one most traveled by. The play fights got rougher and with this came her ever growing ability to hold her own. A bloody nose here, a gash there, all were stepping stones as she fought for her place as the only girl among her brothers. They respected her, though, even enjoyed her company. She became one of the boys in their eyes. They would see a pretty lioness, make catcalls, and Aaria would find herself joining in the fun. That was all it was at the time: fun. Her parents saw this change happening and their acceptance became slight concern. They urged her to spend more time with her sisters, to see the other side of life. Despite enjoying the brotherly bonds she had formed, she respected her parents very much and conceded to their wishes. Unfortunately, her sisters were not so kind. They saw her as an outsider, a rough stone that needed to be polished. In their eyes, her claws were too long, her fur too unkempt, her walk too stiff. They welcomed her with hesitant paws in an effort to teach her their ways. In their care, she learned how to be strong, yet desirable. She learned the art of seduction, of stealth, of quiet power. Soon, she began to enjoy their company, and they hers. She found herself bonding with them on all levels.

Months passed and the pride fell on hard times. The herds were leaving and water was drying up. Her father knew something needed to be done or he risked his family, so he made a pact with a nearby pride. With the details worked out, he called forth Aaria. He valued her as the most well rounded of his daughters and the other king had as well. She was the one who was needed to seal the deal. She was to be inducted into the other king's pride. Surprise overwhelmed her, but was quickly replaced with obedience. She needed to do this. Her family was at stake. As she made the lone journey to the other king's pride, thoughts flooded her. Could she do this? She had never looked at a male in that aspect, so would she be able to? She neared the border of their territories when the terrible truth hit her: she would be his, in his den, all his. Revulsion flooded her veins. She couldn't do it. The idea of a male being so close, so personal, was revolting. With tears in her eyes, she fled to the savanna, refusing to return to a family she had betrayed.

She wandered lost and alone for a week before the inevitable happened. While drinking at a watering hole, three rogue males fell upon her, determined to make such a pretty lioness theirs. She fought back, but three to one was an unfair fight from the start. As she struggled to break free, to run away, a bigger male broke into the fight. He handled the rogues deftly and with such certainty, giving her time to escape to a brush. With the situation handled, he offered her security in his pride, promising he wanted nothing other than to know she was safe. Despite being wary of him, she knew she owed him some level of trust for having saved her hide. This was how she became to be in Komai's pride. She soon realized he had been truthful with her. He allowed her free reign to do as she pleased. Later, she met Callidora, another lioness like her, and welcomed her with open paws. The two became devoted partners and, soon, the leaders of the pride, seeking to continually offer security for other lionesses like themselves.

Aaand additional stuff if you want a "what's your blood type?" style bio

Clothing/Personal Style:

Personal quote:
Theme song:
Star sign:

Favorite food:
Favorite drink:
Favorite location:
Favorite weather:
Favorite color:

Least liked food:
Least liked drink:
Least liked location:
Least liked weather:

Favorite person:
Least liked person:
Significant other: Callidora
Orientation: Lesbian
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Ah! Hello! I never realized that her mane was composed of bird feathers, if I'm honest, but that makes sense. I was wondering why a lioness had a mane as I was drawing her. It's so eccentric and beautiful, I love it.

As for Aaria's history, it's great! I really enjoyed reading it. :3 She's a brilliant character.