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Main Site Abandoned Accounts


New Member
So it seems I'm late to the deal here with claiming abandoned accounts, esspecially with the fact that name changes aren't allowed on the main site. Most of my friends for a few years now know me by my current forum tag, although my FA profile is still an old name. I want to create a new account with the new name, but the name currently belongs to an abandoned account (Looks that way, been about 6 years since last posting,fav,watch)/

Is it possible to deactivate/disable an account so the username becomes avalible? I don't want the account, just the name, and it;s unfair to be forced to choose a new name or change it when the name is stuck on an account that is most likely dead.


Staff Member
Unfortunately, we can no longer offer this service. However, there are options we are looking into for the future when it comes to abandoned accounts and name changes. Hopefully this will be something implemented soon, but I'm not a part of that department and am unsure.

That being said, it's also unfair to that person to have to give up their name, regardless of the circumstances, especially if there is content on it.