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The Spirit Guardian

Brother Of Ori
So, one of the various reasons I decided to go with a black cat was because of how nice they were! Generally, it seems the public has different takes on what seeing a black cat could mean, but I have one prime reason that fueled and finalized my decision.

So, where I live is this sleepy little high desert area, but the odd thing is, seeing cats are no exception. One time, while it was dark out, I was taking out the trash, and bam! Five black cats were just sitting some ways away from me, just watching. No clue what that meant, but I was fine with it.

Couple of days later after seeing them, suddenly I make a close friend. Coincidence!

Then, just a two days ago, recently, I was out taking the trash again, and I saw a black cat on the other side of the street from the driveway I was walking on. After I threw it out, I watched him, since he walked to where our house was, crossed the street, and sat there in the same spot I saw the five black cats, and just watched me.

I don't know what that could mean, nor do I understand what it meant that time, but ever since my family and I moved out here, cats have specifically been coming to see me during the night, and only me for some reason. I even asked other family members to see if they saw them too, but they didn't. Cats of all colors had come to watch, most notably black cats. Funnily enough, that last one made itself present when I was feeling indecisive about my sona, and that ten minute stare-down made me finalize my choice with the dark colored feline.

So, after all that, what do you think it all means? Anyone have any sort of speculation as to what all this could mean? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter!