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Free Art: ABSTRACTBunny is giving out free art of your fursona or oc!


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RULES AND NOTES: I pick whoever from this thread and draw them their fursona or oc. All pictures should be put on this thread since personal messaging is not really wanted in this case. DON'T BE SAD IF YOU DON'T GET PICKED, THERE WILL BE MORE OPPORTUNITIES! I note that you don't get to choose how your characters are posed or anything. I get to draw them however I'd like. Also, you may post as many fursonas and ocs as you want in this thread, but make sure they're in separate posts so I can reply to them. All art will be submitted to my account: Userpage of ABSTRACTBunny -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Please follow me, I follow back if your art is safe for work and doesn't have anything not safe for work (NSFW).



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Bluefiremark II

Magic Blue Phoenix
I have no picture yet, buuuut-

Name: Blue Feyonics
-wings, legs, arms all seperate.
-Blue feathered
-color changing crystal "embedded" in forehead
-medium lengthed, large, split feathers for the tail. (Like every normal phoenix.)
-grey colored talons and beak
-average, beautiful phoenix wings but colored blue
-sword sheathed on left side, satchel strap diagonally down to his right side where the actual bag is.
-several feathers sticking out in the back like hair

Fairly average phoenix, but he is blue, looks very adventurous, and has a crystal in his head which looks similar to the attached picture, it's color irrelevant as it changes constantly.

If you need more information let me know ;)

Aika the manokit

Adorable fisherman
all I can say is that he's a dragon wolf hybrid and the red parts of him are scaly while the gray is fluffy.

Grimm Hund

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Would you mind me offering my entire gallery and you select one character of your choosing?
If none interest you, then none interest you.


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Here's what I have of this guy:

Do what you want with coloration pattern.

I don't have an account on the main site.


Art by Pogo