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Abusing the Administration's good intentions

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*sigh* once again....
please folks, don't take it personally - this is just a point of observation.

is it just me noticing the same particular pattern reoccuring over and over and over again? it always starts the same way - the first few posts on the thread are on topic, while the others.... become a living proof to the forcefield theory, e.g action=reaction.
some people attack others, and some people defend themselves and their words. tables turning... and the process repeats. it no longer matters what topic the discussion is under, or what was previuosly said,.. rational thinking is forgotten in favour of bashing the posts of other people. the whole former 'discussion' turning into a pointless, meaningless, confusing blame-bait 'furpile', where people are tearing apart other people's posts into quotes to generally pick on what the othes said, just for the sake of picking. :)

*sigh* see what i mean? now we are talking about ArtPlz and remembering events long ago passed and forgotten.. what next? nazi's? martians? surprise me :)

so, my view on the whole ban-the-oh-noes-bothersome-trolls is simple.... mind-numbingly simple.

there are no such things as trolls
there are people with (sometimes) a severe lack of tolerance, patience, level-headedness, education, manners and respect - both sides. but they all are capable of maintaining a fairly polite, reasoned discussion, if the need arises. so all it takes, most of the times, is to just ask the person nicely to stop.
their /fun/ is to watch you make a fuss about their actions.. the more fuss the better. so.. choak their flame with your rationality? don't act as if you are annoyed, offended, depressed, angry - even if you are - just don't.

now look at this thread.... all of you are acting no better then the same trolls you adress. you post rude personal comments, you attack each other, you make very little sence in what you are saying and are adding unnecessary details onto this conversation...
.... while completly failing to realise the fact that most of you don't know even a half of what's been going on behind the scenes - and probably you will never know.
yet some of you feel free to assume the oppinion of the majority, or a rumour passed to you by your best friend - as a fact - and base all your logic on it. this is extremly silly, if you ask me.
it's kind of funny to watch you invent new and yet unmentioned 'facts' to support your own posts... ah, yes, i understand that no-one likes to accept the fact that you were wrong in your words. i understand your attempt not to 'loose your face', or the so-called 'community points', or just plain look silly. but continuing to post on a thread that long ago got resolved and closed for user input... is unrational... you're so....sensitive.. to what you are being told..

as much as you hate to admit it, an average admin is not as open-minded to the community as you might think. yes, they are listening to what you say, but... they always do things their way - which /can/ be influenced, but only to a certain degree.

here, at FA we strive to be more opened to the fluctuations of the community. hey, it is you folks who run it - not the admins - that is why almost everything you say is taken in consideration when making a certain desigion.

...almost.... you see, being an admin, as an act of your own initiative is not that rewarding as it might seem to be. seem that everything what is still keeping this site together is the devotion of some people to this cause. a very taxing initiative, let's admit that, ok? the site costs a helluva lot of money just to keep it on the net. it isn't making any money of it's users to make up for it (more about donations to follow), it is taking quite an effort to keep it organised, moderated and fast, relatively stable. a lot of time gets spent on resolving personal harassment issues - a thing, IMO, to be resolved prefferaby without admin interference, for multiple reasons... in other words... it's like a second job.

do try to understand the average FA admin, having spent hours on working with FA, only to come to the forums and get a couple of flame-threads to resolve. with people actively attacking each other, rudely and, what is ironic - absolutly pointlessly.
while i do realise that different people have different thickness' of their skins, and different levels of tolerance to certain things - sometimes even the toughest dude on the block wants to go like 'ah, go to hell' - and either to lock the threads and ban people - or to simply dissapear for a while.
an action frowned upon every time by myself, but i can understand the reasoning behind this.

and i'm asking you to try and understand them as well.

this may be a slightly contradictory fact, but we don't like to close theads. *sigh* but we have to. there comes a certain point in time when the thead at question simply stops being in any way helpfull - and tuns into a useless raging 'furpile'. it doesn't contribute to the topic any more, and what's worse - it is becoming a threat to the integrity of the society.
...a thread such as this....
i ask you to please try to understand that we are not closing our eyes on the problem(s), even thou there seems to be no /visible/ contribution from the admin team. we have a private forum, in which we are debating on variuos issues prior to taking any action. this is mandatory. yes, there are cases of impulsive deeds from the certain individuals in the admin team seldomly occuring, *frowns* - but they can probably be explained by the failure of one's tolerance. mind you that such cases are always being discussed, behind the scenes.

that, or i live in a fictional non-existent world :)

now i'm not going to adress the whole nobu/meth/nrr/ArtPlz/abuse/trolling issue at hand, since i clearly have another purpose here, on FA. frankly, i should not give a damn about public relations - i'm a failure at them.
it is just that seing this happen over and over again... without any purpose or profit from all those long-winded raging discussions... is not only a waste of time, but an unwanted event in general.
it's not helping.. :(

now regarding the bans...
you see, everyone has a freedom of speach. it is something that i believe noone should be taking away, ever. it's not like you are the person's mother or fiance to tell him what to do and what to say. you're not really in position to shut someone up, the forcefull way.
it's like taking away one's pride and self-confidence - all at once.. what would you do if you were a person at question? would you complain? most certainly. would you get perma-banned in this case? very pobable - because people are sometimes too lazy to properly investigate the reasoning behind the user's actions - or simply frustrated beyound any level to even think rationally.
but in addition to the ban, that may be lifted the very next minutea - you are giving people something a lot more permanent - and that is a lable. a label that will always be frowned upon, if not hated for.
so ask yourself - do you feel so confident in your rightcheosness to brand someone a troll, just like that? what if you're wrong? wouldn't that fact sting you later?

i find it highly.... arrogant (hope this is the correct word) to ban anyone. it's like cheating... trying to find an easy way to a seriuos problem.

most of the times i found people that were banned to actually be helpfull. a lot more helpfull then the rest of the community folk. i don't want to get into names and events, just want to say that if you can find enough tolerance in you - you will probably find most of the former community-branded 'trolls' to be actually quite friendly and interesting people. not to mention them being helpfull, in their special, uncommon way.

alas, i'm too late, as usual. thou i had full confidence that the thread would eventually be locked, i was hoping that at least i'd post in it before that happends.. oh well, i spent quite a time writig this (while waiting for the clog in MySQL to clear up), so here it goes.
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