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Abusing thread.


My computer, my first car and a couple of credit cards.


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My magical paint brush that lets me make my dreams come true.

Shame I'm not much of an artist though...

sometimes I fear for my sanity.


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My piece of ford car, a Shit Tempo. Oddly enough, as much as I abused it, mainly from lack of proper engine care and light off-roading (It's a sedan), I didn't abuse it nearly as much as one of its former owners. When I bought it, the entire engine compartment was already coated in oil spewed by the engine block, and one of the valve rods was already knocking.

I bought it for $100, gave it a quart of oil a week, replaced the rear main seal after tearing hoses that weren't meant to be removed (I guess Ford thought Tempos should be thrown away like disposable lighters when engine parts go bad), had the transmission's torque converter repaired (for $850, and that was a steal), and in the end couldn't do anything except give it away to let someone else abuse.

I have to admit, even though it was Fixed Or Repaired Daily and eventually Found On Road Dead, that Ford Tempo stood up to most of the abuse I gave it.

I now drive a Subie that took the full impact of the Socorro Hailstorm yet still drives (most of the time) like it just left the showroom floor.

hillbilly guy

i gots me a scatter gun
my ax use it on things it was never ment to do like use it as a slege hammer or cuting wire diging holes makeing things work the back of the thing looks like a smashed tamato


bang your head.
my clothes, my games, my phone, my guitar, my bed, just about everything.

oh and I once wore the same pair of clothes for 6 weeks


some years ago i broke down 3 laptops trying to download naruto...


I does what I says on the box.
My family members. :3

Oh, come on. They were asking for it.


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my pen tablet... ^^; it's endured many many years... It's close to time to get updated to a Wacom Bamboo, at least... (my tablet's at least 5-6 years old.)


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I punched the in car radio/cd player I have. It skipped and I punched it....hard....a few too many times.


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My keyboard. This thing is 5 years old and has borne witness to many horrible things. Needless to say, it's in bad need of cleaning. It's still click-clacking along, though.

My old mouse, on the other hand, committed suicide a long time ago.


my phone. I squished it in my hand when my teacher pissed me off. (scared the living s**t out of him!) I am getting a new one anyway so... oh well.
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Theeeeeeeeeeeee INTERNET
whether it be for porn, trolling innocents, 4chan, trolling, porn, trolling, trolling, porn, 4chan, or porn, the internet is VASTLY abused.

And it was intended to be an innocent communications network.


I'm a littile tied up atm
My computer... and my shoes. One day it was so bad that when I took them off they were steaming...

I've also been abusing my right wrist...O.O And by that I mean shooting to much.. guns... yeah...


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Cell phones - I went through one by accident and other because of a not-so-accident.

Fried food - Went on vacation to the East Coast to a place where they LOVED their food and I ate so much of the fried stuff that I swear if I get near another onion ring I'll puke. D:


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My phone has a cracked screen cover

This is how I clean it




Also, what I think I abuse the most is that phone, and my Guitar Hero 3 guitar o.o

Neat, I wonder how can you still use that.