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Abyss Wolfs for adoption!


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Some weird wolf designs this time! I like how they turned out.

-----ROSE ASH ------ OPEN

----CRIMSON ASH ------- OPEN

LINK: www.furaffinity.net/view/23366…

.......Auction ends after 24 hours have passed from the last bidder......

------- PAYPAL

- you will get the full quality image, transparent and with no watermarks signs.
- you can rename it, change gender give it a personality.
- alterations to design are acceptable, such as altering colors/markings and adding scars/tattoos/etc.
- you can resell, for the same price you bought it for or less.
- Please credit me at least once, do not claim original design as your own. I won't sell or do any more wolfs with this design.
- Please do not trace/copy/steal.
- take care of your wolf, they love to eat nightmares and little dark things.

Watch me for more! :3
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