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Free Art: Accepting 3 requests for 3D models (Working on models)

Ovidia Dragoness

Udder Derg
I've been playing with VR 3D modelling and it's like amazing. I want more stuff to model. Post your sona and I'll choose 3 sonas to model. I'm sorry if you aren't picked! Here's a couple pieces of my work.



Tea thief <3 She/Her <3 POTATO QUEEN
This boy, maybe? He's got shadow magic but that and the wings are optional. He's a jackal as well! Your models are really cool!

Better Alyx ref sheet.png


The cutest derg
A 3D model of Dergen would be so cool, and would help me so much as an art reference!

I really like your modelling style. Hope you're having a pleasant new years <3


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  • DergenRef1Crop.png
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Ovidia Dragoness

Udder Derg
I'm sorry but I can't finish the requests. A friend of mine died last night and I'm having a rough time finding any drive to do anything. I'm very sorry to those I let down.