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Accepting free requests and Trades(Open)

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spikey2k said:
Well, I would like another character drawen...(Big suprise) this one is a White wolf...Like prestine white wolf bitch with blue eyes. Mabey work a little colour in somewhere where you think it might be, but for the most part I'd like her to be white. Anyway...

For the build I would like her to be fairly big, muscled say...A soldier body? (Think Sarah Conor) and her right arm I would like gone to the elbo and a very mirrory finish of a silver mechanicle arm, like fromt the elbow(So the elbow is mechanicle) down....

I would really appreciate this one done...Since i"m haveing problems even trying to come up with a decent description for her....even so much as looking at this would be appreciated, thank you. I would also like it Worksafe. (But...This is felxable.)

Of this is what I undrestood, if I'm wrong correct me:
1. White wolf with blue eyes
2. Muscled
3. Mechanical right arm from the elbow

Is she tall, normal, or small?
How is her hairstyle?
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Angel Runecrest said:
Thietogreth said:
Lol I almost forgot you made a thread X) (don't have an idea of what I would want to ask you for atm though :3) BTW did I ever give you my end of our last trade? I forgot...

No, you didn't gave me your part of the trade.

Erk o_O...I'll have to find it then X3


http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1252704/ Here is a good sketch that soemoen was nice enough to do for me. YUou can edit the arm as you see fit though...(It kinda looks like the Power Glove to me.


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I'm glad you liked it ^^

Hey, I have a deal for you. ^^ I'll draw you a picture of any kind if you draw another picture with Meteora in it... Deal? or no deal? o_O


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Ok, how do you want me to draw her now? ^_^

hm.... you could try doing a picture of a doggy-style from the front. If that's alright with you, that. is. ^^
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