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Accepting free requests and Trades(Open)

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I'd love to get one if you're still open to taking requests :3

http://forums.furaffinity.net/showthread.php?t=19276 - more info on what character of mine I'm wanting more art of.

It depends on if the art you're doing is something adult or non-adult. I don't mind either way, but if it is adult, I'd rather it be lesbian because I don't like having myself drawn with males in sexual situations unless it's my mate or a really close friends. But I have no problem having a little fun every so often with females.

but if it's not gonna be sexual, then male or female is cool with me xD

I will try to do it then ^_^


I have to ask...Did you forget about my request?


I'm sorry for asking.


I am not stright but i still liek to get one of us like hanging out. Just something simple liek playing a video gamer or something. If you do deside to do it woudl you please Note me at the main sight i can be found at http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kogie



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I suppose I'll get my name in here if you want to draw a bat.

Rilvor is an anthropomorphic bat of the species Vampyrum Spectrum (Spectral Bat). Coloration of the main body is a dark gray, getting lighter near "undersides" (abdominal/chest area, sides of hands/feet) which becomes white on his chest stomach as well as down to more nether regions and the "inside" of his legs to a degree. White coloration also rises from chest in a peculiar fashion (You'd have to see a drawing, no words I know for it) up only the frontside of his neck and up to his face, which is white up to the eyebrow area except for a dark stripe down the "muzzle" area to his nose, as well as a darker coloration around the eyes (If you look closely, it is meant to subtly resemble a bat's skull of his species). Ears are large and have a "sharp" quality to them. Sports an impressive set of teeth (Spectral Bats are carnivores afterall...). Eyes are a dark icy blue color ( my own of course...). Wings are blackish-dark gray on the membrane. Hair is always very much long and crimson (I wish I could make my hair the same color, but being naturally black/very dark brunette I'd have to bleach it...so I settle for dyeing it black), either tied back or let loose on its own accord. Hands and feet are naturally clawed for use.

http://forums.furaffinity.net/picture.php?albumid=15&pictureid=160 - Currently the -best- image I have of Rilvor. It's the most accurate picture of him.

Rilvor has never been drawn with any clothing on (Which is fine since his lower half has never been drawn either...), but here's a sketch of the sort of things he'd wear:
(It should be noted in this sketch, his face or "muzzle" is not supposed to be that long, so refer to one of the others if you please)
The pose and such is purely your choice, if you do decide to try and give him a lower half and can't do clothing, try to conceal certain nether regions at the very least, reasonably well.
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I'm still offering free yiff art with me for female characters, and trades for something different.

Now I have a record of everyone who asked for art, so even if it takes a while, I will do the art some time. You can post here to remember me of you if you want to be sure I saw your request and added it to my record.


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Do you think you could do something of me in something along the lines of this?
But the feral form standing or sitting next to the Anthro?


That is a very awesome character. ^^

Just a black female wolf red belly... red ears, and red paws.. red on the underside of the tail...
grey eyes. and large wings.
But the wings look a bit blood stained and have a few (like 3 to 5 on each wing) randomly placed white feathers with black spots.

I have a picture close to the feral form of what I am looking for but not quite...
This image is very close to it. She just doesnt have the white feathers there..
Umm..Any questions feel free to PM me.

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