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Free Art: Accepting Sketch Requests (4 Slots) -Closed-


I'm taking 4 Sketch Requests (FREE)

To enter post what you'd like in image or link form below.

Written or image/style guide gallery links are also acceptable.
Please be as descriptive as possible since requests are picked from posted info.

If you're not comfortable or can't take the time to post below then I guess it cant happen can it?
Just post what you want, stopping to ask likely wont get a reply to due to time constraints etc.

I will DM the chosen requesters (please do not DM me)

Offer Ends the 26th
Requests will be sorted and chosen then/directly after.

Sketch Examples,
(will be developing process further for the aforementioned requests)

General Art Overview,

I look forward to seeing what's posted.

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Most powerful Draco warrior

I would like to have her standing on two feet with arms crossed. Make her tips of her wings blue and her dragon wings are dark purple. Her body is silver and her belly is amethyst purple. The outside of her eyes are royal blue and the pupils are dark purple. The iris of her eyes are silver.
The picture is just a ref of what she should look like as an orca/dragon hybrid.
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Since your sketches seem to involve fantasy, I'll suggest something like that!

I'd love to see a full body of my sona in this loincloth and cuffs!


In this pose, wielding a large sword as shown!


Thanks for a shot!


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