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[asthmacat loved that]
gonna start posting some of my art here as well if i remember to! i'm working on trying to expand my poses and expressions at the moment. if you'd like to give me a watch, please do so on my FA!

i mainly upload NSFW artwork so let's start off with a rare SFW! this character is unnamed yet and different from what i usually look for in characters but something made me interested in her colors/design!


[asthmacat loved that]
triple post lmao sorry
link to newest piece, nsfw warning! i'm very proud of this one as i used no references, typically i have to reference some images on human poses but this one i did without! kind of a continuation of the last upload


[asthmacat loved that]
not even sorry anymore!
below is some art for my future streams. i love fallout and the last of us so i wanted to include that! salem as a vault person is so cute so i couldn't resist! i spent all day doing some stickers so i could start streaming. hopefully within the next couple days! also included is a chat banner i did, with inspiration from this old 50s style sign!
vault boy (c) bethesda, clicker (c) naughty dog