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The South Pacific Sea H'otter
This word game is quite challenging but will improve your creativity. ^^ And offer some laughs too.

I give you a set of four or five letters, and the subject matter. Your task is to come up with a phrase that fits the letters (or acronym) for the subject. As an example:

Why were you late to work today? - ROMN

Ran Over My Neighbor

So, let's give it a try! When we get to ten answers, the last person who gave one should start a new reply, with a new set of four or five letters, and a new topic.

Okay, got it? Here's a new one!

911, what is your emergency? - FEDT



Pfft, I come from the land of acronyms.

Fell eating delicious tarts.

I could go for days, but I'll keep it PG lol


Fucked Enormous Delicious Tiddies
am I the only perv here?


You can't just quote yourself! -Me
Friend Exploded Despite Treatment

Old Fashioned

Sometimes Active Member
Furries Encountered Doing Things."Sir, we can't arrest people for walking down the sidewalk." "But officer, just think of the children!":v


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Found Extremely Drunk Tyrannosaurus

OK, I think that's 10? I'll start a new one:

Pest Control, what are you reporting?--- SCUM


You can't just quote yourself! -Me
Skunks Creating Unbearable Messes.