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Actually a few


Hey guys

I have a few requests that i hope will happen :D

Anyway I have realized that i lack a significantly awesome pieces of art of my fursona. CAn anybody draw me some cool pics of him? NO adult stuff though.

Second I am in need of a refernece sheet of him aswell. I cant draw one myself so if someone can make me one, I would be greatly appreciative.

Lastly I think that Sigmund (my fursona) is in need of a love interest. I was thinking of a bunny or something along those lines but ill leave that up to you. Again no adult stuff

If any of you are so kind as to do this I will attempt to make you something along the lines of a siggy banner with you character but again no adult stuff.

Anyway here is the only pic I have.


Thanks again all and have fun!! :D

I wont be able to check this until 7 or 8 EST since i am leaveing for a while. I will check as soon as i can on my ipod when I get to the hotel.
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Catilda Lily

May all your bacon burn.
I would give it a go but I am not in a drawing mood today.