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Main Site Add some sort of alternative for us animators to upload.


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Please. Most of my stuff tends to be over 30 seconds in length, and i try to keep it at least 480p and in most cases .gif isn't enough as a format for this.
Just posting a thumbnail and guiding people to a google drive link doesn't work either given how links to suggestive content can be reported/disabled.
Youtube isn't an option given they've been sanitizing even privated videos of sfw furry content.

I just want to share animation work I spend hundreds of hours on without the threat of youtube/twitter removing it without telling me, and in one case google drive removing my ability to share it with the furry community. I mainly produce sfw stuff and the only other option i can think of is pornhub? I'm kinda not too well versed when it comes to furry websites.

I know mp4 can open the floodgates to shitpost videos, so what about the .svg format? Most animation software offers options to convert it into a vector animation and this would allow some of us to get things posted. It may not solve the problem for everyone. I know html support would be great for people who want to post game projects to FA as well but I'm not 100% sure of it's animation capability and hear it has some security risk involved in it's use? (not an expert on webpage security, don't quote me on this.)