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(Adopt/Character) Selling: Adopt auction


Meet Ray the cat!

! This auction is also running on YCH.commishes https://ych.commishes.com/auction/show/1GTTG/feline-adopt/

It’s an original design
Despite him having some personal information and small bio, it all can be changed by an owner’s preferences.


Starting bid: 50 USD // 0,0012 BTC
Minimum raise: 5 USD // 0,00012 BTC
Autobuy: - USD // - BTC

Auction ends on April 16 at 12:00 pm GMT+4

  • For 75 $ bid and above I will draw a sketch portrait of Ray
  • For 80 $ bid and above I will draw a sketch portraits of Pay along your character
  • For 150 $ bid and above I will draw him in 3 additional pairs of clothing by your choosing
  • For 250 $ bid and above I will make a Ray’s sticker pack for a messenger (What’s up, Telegram, Discord) with 12 unique emotions!
! For payment in BTC I will make a small gif animation of him in pixel art style

Payment method:

Payment in advance. I will note the winner my email PayPal/Binance
  1. Payment via PayPal (USD)
  2. Payment via Binance (BTC) !prefered
  1. Notify me about new owners
  2. You can trade, gift and sell this character
  3. Do not erase my signature
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