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Adoptable Eggs for sale!


Hyperactive Bunnyfox

I made some adoptable eggs and would like to get them sold.
For those who dont understand, Eggs are adoptable and you basicly pick an egg and wait 24 hours, and then i upload the artwork of the character inside.
They're $1.50 each. These characters will belong to YOU. And your only paying for the character design and the SURPRISE of what could be inside.
Have a look through the gallery to see examples of what will hatch.

Comment on the submission please

Thanks guys ^^ looking to find these guys nice new homes.

~~EDIT~~ I worked very hard on the designs for these, and would really like to get these lil cuties sold.
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I'm not sure if they would interest me to be frank. That said, I suppose I could say what comes to mind.

Knowing the contents would ruin the surprise, the surprise is what separates these from anyone else selling characters; so keep hold of that. But as a scalie, I wouldn't want a fox or cat character to pop up. Random is fun, but it's too random. Maybe you could segment egg types? Like reptiles, avians, mammals, fish etc.

I'd also wonder about the characters. Would people be getting a unique character, which would make ownership worthwhile. Or, are we talking recolours of generic anthro species?


Hyperactive Bunnyfox
i've been making mixed batches of like, generic species, no foxes/wolves tho. but also including a couple of my own unique species in there. one per batch.
I make nice little markings on most of them so they're pretty beautiful and pleasing to look at. but i guess i could do something like, labeling them as like mammal/avian/reptile..
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Hyperactive Bunnyfox

My last attempt to find Pinky an owner befor i just give up xD
She's just $1.50 and is a species of my own creation (examples of it can be found in my gallery here http://www.furaffinity.net/user/shukiesart ) And she is female.
She's still needing a home, and will probabily be the last of these adoptables i do so.