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Adoptable makers/buyers, I'm looking for your opinion


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Hi guys,
I really hope this is the right place to ask your opinion and I would be very happy if you could answer me. :)

The thing is, I often stumble over lovely adoptables that someone tries to sell.
Unfortunately I can't buy them, but I would love to draw the character because... well, they look awesome, have a fun design, etc.

Basically, I thought about promoting the adopt/spreading the word and offering a discounted commission to anyone who buys the adoptable.
But honestly, I'm not sure if people would appreciate this or see it as offensive. :(
What do you think about this?

If you're an adopt maker:
Would you be ok with someone contacting you with this offer?

If you're buying adopts:
Would this be something you would like or would it push you away from buying the adopt?

Thanks for everyone who's taking the time to answer! <3


nose-bleeding disaster
hello !
I Don't make a whole lot of adoptables, but personnally it's not something i would mind ( i even think it's a nice idea) as long as i'm asked first :3
I've seen a lot of people who draw adopts they find cute but Don't necessarily want, it makes extra free art for the buyer so it's pretty neat ! To me, offering a discounted commission and promoting the adopt is basically the same thing, only involving money.

i Don't really buy adopts but if i were too i'd just consider my budget ! So it's a very neat idea i would only turn down if i was too short on money, but it would certainly not discourage me to buy the adopt ^^

So i think as long as permission is asked and the offer is discussed with the artist, it's a neat idea :D