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Adoptable (OPEN) $12


Shy Fish
Hi!! I have my first adoptable for sale!


She's $12 set price!

-Please PM or comment here to claim!
-After you send payment I will send you the full-size non-watermarked version!
-Payment via paypal (credit/debit also accepted via invoice)
-Extras can be added at an additional cost! (you will pay after they are completed)

Extras that can be added: +$5 per chibi expression icon / +$8 per additional outfit design / +$12 for non-chibi waist-up art

-All Adoptables are designed by me and if you buy one please do not take credit for the design yourself. (if the adopt has been modified after purchase, please just note that the original design was made by me)

-You may modify the adoptable as you wish once you have bought them!

-Adoptables will not be auctioned at this time. Only Set-price (for now)

-Can be gifted/traded but no reselling ;v;