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(Adopt/Character) Selling: Adoptable Species - Specimen E19 [OPEN] OTA Auction Min $20


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This adoptable is still open to offers​

Current Best Offer:

- - -

This is an Offer to Adopt Auction (if the auction time has lapsed, it will say, "This adoptable is still open to offers." and any offer of $20 or more will automatically get you the adoptable)

- - -


If you are the first bidder,
you are free to offer as little or as much as you'd like (min $20) and ask for as many upgrades as you'd like, so long as all the listed prices add up to your bid. You set the bar for the auction!

If you are making a counter-offer, there are two main ways to bid:

1. Offer more money. This one's pretty straight-forward, it's the classic auction rules.
2. Offer less upgrades. Ex) If the first bidder offered $35 for the base adoptable and a flat-colour upgrade, you can offer $35 for just the base adoptable and it will count as a higher bid.

If you want to make a bid but are looking for different upgrades than the current bid, the best way to find the optimum offer is to add up the cost of all upgrades and add any "floating money" (extra money not directly going into upgrades).
Ex) The current bid is $70, for the base adoptable ($20), a flat-colour upgrade ($15) and a rough-sketch stages of life ($32). There are $3 of floating money that make up the difference between the upgrades and the bid.
If you wanted the base adoptable ($20) and a rough sketch 5-angel turn around ($52), then you would add that $3 floating money to make the optimal bid of $75.

The following are forms of bartering. I cannot recommend these since they complicate the auction, but they are still valid offers.

1. Offer a higher bid with more upgrades while removing floating money.
Ex: Bidder A offers $20 for the base adoptable.
Bidder B offers $30; $20 for the base adoptable and $10 of floating money.
Bidder A goes all out and bids $131 for a refined sketch 2-angle turn around ($36), a rough sketch 3-piece custom design ($32), and a standalone, full-body, soft-shaded commission ($63). They are not offering any floating money, but the difference in bid is so great that it doesn't matter.

2. Offer less upgrades, but also less money. (This one is really touchy, as I will usually prioritize higher bids rather than less upgrades)
Ex: Bidder A offers $83 for the base adoptable ($20) and a species variance ($63)
Bidder B offers $75 for the base adoptable ($20) and floating money ($55)

It might all sound a little confusing, but don't worry. Just make your offers and if they don't beat the highest bid, I'll let you know and give you some pointers.

- - -

Base Tier (Minimum) - $20: Bought as is (full species perms, for commercial use, + png. File)

+$15 - Custom colour palette (Digital flats, you get to keep the psd. file. (Bucket-fill friendly, each colour on it's own layer))

General Commissions

Reference Sheet Upgrades

3D Miniature Upgrade

3D Pin Upgrade (of the original silhouette)

Sticker Upgrade

- - -


- Credit me if posting the original work in public places.
- Credit for design-work on a character is highly appreciated.
- I retain the rights to post the art for personal purposes. (portfolio and art blogs, mainly)
- If upgrading, you will always get rough sketch(s) for review before completion.
- Prices are in USD.


- Do not make an offer unless you can pay (payment plans available over $40)
- Include all upgrades you want in your offers.
- Floating money can not be used for upgrades after winning. You will have to pay the price of any additional upgrades you want.
- Do not buy with intent of reselling the base design for more than its original value
- No bullying of any sort to me or any other participants


- You have three days to pay before being taken off hold, unless a prior agreement is reached.
- No refunds on finished work


-the species design, for commercial use (you can do pretty much anything with it, after payment is received)
- The Full-sized, unwatermarked version, with any upgrades bought.
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