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Adoptables for auction/sale + YCH paintings!


Hi there - I'm looking to start selling adoptables, as I do a lot of character design that I never use for anything and I'd love them to get used. I've got four bird designs here and I'm doing the auction itself on DA. The birds are a pelican lifeguard, a peacock, a lil owl and a white pheasant. If these sell, I'll do a round of rabbit adoptables next.

I've also got regular commissions open here.


Just Photoshop CS6 - pretty much just three brushes, one pencil-like one for the initial sketch + outlines, one default hard round brush for the colour and one default big fuzzy airbrush to give some variation to the colour once it's all blocked out :) takes about 45 minutes or so for each probably, from start to finish.

Leoni Zheitk

Dang... I don't know how to use PayPal but when I do, I'll be first in line!