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Hey guys, I've got a BUNCH of characters looking for good homes! Please check them out if you're looking for a new OC/sona! Prices will be listed alongside the images.

  • These are not full size-- you will get the full size, un-watermarked image once you buy the character!
  • I will mark these with a [SOLD] as they are taken, so you know which are open.
  • Once you claim one and I send you my Paypal, you have 24 hours to pay before the adoptable is put back up for grabs. ^^
  • You can have the image with a background color or a transparent background, just let me know.
Adopts Batch #1:
  • Galactic Feline: $15
  • Neon Canid: $13
  • Tiger Bunny: $15 [SOLD]
  • Demon Girl: $15


Adopts Batch #2:
  • Human: $15
  • Albino doe: $13
  • Rose Bunny: $15



Jirachi Gijinka: $20


Azure Rose Dragon: $35
(Wings/tail are removable, let me know!)

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