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www.furaffinity.net: Adoptables Set #19 [OPEN] by eleoyasha
I was working on these adopts since last week, please help me find a home to these cuties <3

Price for each adopt: $10

For $5 extra you will get a chibi for the character that you adopted!($5 + $10= $15)
Chibi Fullbody: www.furaffinity.net: [C] candy-channeru 2 by eleoyasha

5.- cmauricioag1311 on DA

How to adopt:
*Only write here the number of the character that you want to adopt.
*When buying the adopt, you will receive version without the watermark and only with my signature.

*All payments must be made in USD (PayPal)
*The payment should be made through invoice method. I will ask you to provide me with your PayPal email address.
*Payment is first. I will not send the adopt file before I received full payment.
*After you buy the character its yours but you must credit me for the design.
*You can’t resell the adoptable, but you are allowed to trade for another character or gift it, but if you do so please let me know who the new owner of the adoptable is.
*You can redesign / modify the adoptable.
*Once payment is made there are NO REFUNDS.
*I will not put adoptables on hold.
*Do not copy/steal/trace my adopt or my base.

Characters and base by me!