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[Adoptables] Prismafurry Cuties--Come Get One!


Maverick Hunter D-Boy reporting!
So not too long ago, I tried my hand at making some adopts using friends' bases (they allow it, provided I give them credit for making the bases).

So, I have (as of this post) made some Prismabunnies and Multicolored Mustilidaes (read: colored skunks).

Both cases, each character can be bought for $5 (Paypal, natch).

Here's the link to the Prismabunnies:
www.furaffinity.net: D-Boy's First Prismabunny Adopts by MaverickHunterDBoy

And here is the link to the Multicolored Mustilidaes:
www.furaffinity.net: D-Boy's First Multicolored Mustilidaes by MaverickHunterDBoy

Of course, let's not forget my lovely Love Fairies--here's the journal post that serves as a "catalog" for them:
www.furaffinity.net: Catalogue of Love Fairy Adoptables -- MaverickHunterDBoy's Journal

Looking forward to anyone interested in buying!

Update: Added Prismavixens to the mix.
www.furaffinity.net: My First Prismavixen Adoptables by MaverickHunterDBoy

Update (2): Now Prismamice and Prismasheep are added.
www.furaffinity.net: D-Boy's First Prismamice Adopts by MaverickHunterDBoy

www.furaffinity.net: My First Prismasheep Adoptables by MaverickHunterDBoy

Update (3): Prismasquirrels added.
www.furaffinity.net: D-Boy's First Prismasquirrel Adopts by MaverickHunterDBoy

Update (4): Now Prismaminks are added to the mix.
www.furaffinity.net: D-Boy's First Prismamink Adopts by MaverickHunterDBoy
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