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Adopting a slime character


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I’ve like decided to buy a slime character, something similar to venom or carnage in a way. I don’t really care that much I just want to buy a slime/symbiote character that best fit me character here is a link to the image:

Send me what you got and I’ll take a look.


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Hi! At the moment I don't have any similar adopters in stock yet, but I could make you a custom design for the price of a ref-sheet! I am open to edits and discussions and it would be a lot of fun to think through this design with you!
commission info с цензурой 1.jpg
commission info с цензурой 2.jpg

You can contact me in discord (SchlafenNigredo#8940), on fa, or via email (schlafennigredo@gmail.com)


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