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(Adopt/Character) Selling: Adopts by Awu ♥ pretty borzoi dogs for 20$ ♥


Cat's Hugger
Hi! ♥ Sometimes I have a time to draw creatures/animal characters and wanted to share some of them with you! o/

For now I have four borzoi dogs designs

Price: 20 USD

1. Albino | eyes: red
2. Caramel | eyes: sky blue
3. Ashen | eyes: yellow
4. Caramel macchiato | eyes: grey

If someone would like to buy 2 designs there is special discount: 35 USD ♥

You will get:

5000px x 5000px jpg file with name of your choice and I can put under it additional info like sex, some title, whatever you want etc. (this is optional if you don't want it you can get picture with no text)

2. 5000px x 5000px png file with no background&text

1. If you want to buy design contact me on: art.by.awu@gmail.com. In title please write: design|name of character you want to buy for example: "caramel borzoi adopt"
2. If you don't have money you can reserve design. In this case you have 7 days to make a payment. After this time the design will be avaible again to purchase.
3. Payment via Paypal. I also accept payment in EUR.
4. Always credit me as a designer!
5. You can edit images, add accesories, scars etc., choose name and whatever you want to change in appearance.
6. Don't make money from my art so please don't resell/trade it but you can buy it for someone as a gift.
7. You can use it as your OC, avatar image etc.
8. If you have questions/something is unclear send me a note! ♥

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