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Adopts (Draco-Sharks, Cobra-Girls & Chemikins)


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Draco-Sharks have been reduced from 15$ to 10$, there are 9 of them left, and I do take custom color orders on them.


The closed species owned and created by STI and myself, are still available for 25$, custom color palletes of course. Comes unshaded with a color pallet and a nme if youd like. Stillw atermarked but does not interfere with the image/character.


Still have a few of these ladies available if anyone wants to give them a home. They are only 7$.

You can view all of them via the link below:

Adopt Gallery

Note: Please do not comment here if you wish to purchase, please comment on the adopts themselves. In case of the Chemikins, please send a note titled "Chemikin Custom Adopt" with the colors youd like in the note.