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Hello hello!
This will be a regular thread where I post some adopts I have available for sale!

General Rules on my adopts:
  • PayPal USD only!
  • Payment must be sent within 24 hours of confirmation of your claim/bid. Otherwise, the adopt will be put back up for sale.
  • Reselling your adopt is allowed as long as you don't sell it for higher than it's original price. If you received a design via adopt trade, you are not allowed to resell it for USD or other currencies that can be redeemed for USD.
  • Please do not claim, offer or bid if you are not 100% sure that you have the money.

Available adopts:

$25 USD each!
1, 2, 4, 5
Link to post

$20 USD each!
1, 2, & 4
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$13 each.
2, 3, 6
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$15 each.
#5, #6
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$8 each
(originally $12)
Available: #7
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