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(Adopt/Character) Selling: Adopts/OC Characters For Sale ($330-525 USD)



~2 Characters Left~

~I'll be selling most of my OriginalCharacters & Adopts and would appreciate the purchaes~

Some characters are NSFW, but they'll be marked appropriately both on TH (Toyhouse) and FA (furaffinity)

For every link, I'll show the TH one and the FurAffinity one

Characters for Sale

CanadianSin on Toyhouse

www.furaffinity.net: Selling Characters!!! -- CanadianSin's Journal

General Listing

I've yet to upload some characters there, but you can see the general listing for all characters:

ADOPTS FOR SALE! on Toyhouse
www.furaffinity.net: Many Characters For Sale ($ USD) by CanadianSin


(Must be logged in to see NSFW):

www.furaffinity.net: Many Characters For Sale ($ USD) by CanadianSin


--> I've set up an incentive program as well for purchases for repeated buyers <--

CanadianSin on Toyhouse

www.furaffinity.net: DISCOUNT INCENTIVES! -- CanadianSin's Journal


-- TELEGRAM or FURAFFINITY. Otherwise I check TH a couple times a day --

FA: Userpage of CanadianSin -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Telegram: t.me: Moose Dude

~I just signed up for the forums, so contact ONLY one of the 2 above~

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