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Adult neopets game?


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Howdy all, long time lurker and I finally got the courage to post. With everything going on I was thinking about starting a casual virtual pet/achievement/rpg game (similar to neopets) to keep me occupied. I tried searching around for something that is a bit more adult oriented, not necessarily sexual (but it could be), but I couldn't find anything out there. Does anyone know of a game like this? If one even exists. Thanks for any help!


Don't worry, I'm a friendly rat.
Did you try Subeta. It's like Neopets with a bit more maturity.
There's Flight Rising, which is still a bit for a younger audience? Or more so just friendly to any age. There's a Pokemon-esque battle system, shops, auction house, and lots of minigames. All pets/characters are dragons, and you basically join a hogwarts house based on an element when you sign up. Haven't played it in a bit but it's pretty fun!