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Adult Pokemon M/M Commission


Simple image really. Just an image of a male Lucario and my own custom character going at it with a slight twist (nothing disturbing). I'll give the full details to the artist I end up choosing if one shows up for this. I'm also not able to spend a lot of cash, looking for maybe $50 for a digital coloring but I can go as high as $60 for one. If available I'd rather see a person with a style to do said Pokemon more humanoid rather than how it looks in the game/anime.

Custom character if desired to see is this dude (NSWF):

Before you artists might also possibly freak the lower piercing is no longer there.

I can pay also most ways (PayPal, Money Order, w/e).

If any other info is needed feel free to bring it up.


Thanks all for those who gave me their prices and stuff but I ended up finding an artist to do my image. If I ever am looking for another image done I'll know where to look.