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Adult Portfolios


Now 33% purpler, free!

Very large amounts of PENIS with PENIS on top. And a side order of PENIS.

I'm extremely gay...I'm sorry...I need to contain these outbursts...


Though I can't buy anything, I'd like to see things that aren't just straight fucking. Something with a little tease. Think burlesque.

But that's just me


Porno Cowboy
Personally, I'd be all over a guro portfolio, but that'd be just me. Well, not really, but it's not the most popular thing out there. :p

I can say with out a doubt that gay porn is VERY popular in the fandom. On the other hand, doing something that popular means you have to compete with every other artist doing the exact same thing. So. Probably want to stay away from that.

I think the idea you'd already posed would be fine, really.