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Adult requests (involve with my fursona)


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CLOSED for now

I need few more pictures of my new fursona in my gallery, but I have an art block. D8 I tried to draw her playing with herself by using her own tail, but I give it up because it doesn't look good, and I run out of creative juice after that. xD

Hopefully with request involving my fursona will help me get over it. If you are not into adult stuff, then this is not for you. I only draw ADULT. I don't care what your fursona/ character's gender. It's fun to draw them together with her. Don't know what my fursona look like? here's perfect reference of her: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3287208 *warning: nudity*

*limited 3 slots*
1.) 2-Tailed Taymon
2.) Morroke
3.) DW934

Please fill out this form

Fursona/character's name:
Description: (what she/he looks like)
References: (have one?)
What you want your character with my fursona?: (anything except extreme bondage, weight gaining, and toilet play.)

PLEASE fill that last part because I don't want to ponder for several minutes to try to think creatively with your character and mine. I'm RUNNING low on creativeness, all right? Please don't said "you decide" or "whatever you like". It drive me crazy when I have an art block.

I will pick which request that grab my attention. This is not "first come first serve" thread. If you see three slots are filled in, please leave this thread alone for a while until they are cleared. I don't want my thread bomb'd with lot of requests on few pages.

Have fun.

(I just brought a new laptop, so I'm trying to transfer everything I have from the old one.)
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Interested, but if I requested one is it possible I could get a copy emailed to me?

Fursona/character's name: Mark Grizzlepaw
Species: Grizzly Bear
Gender: Male
Description: (what she/he looks like): http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3193775/
References: http://forums.furaffinity.net/showthread.php?t=59918
What you want your character with my fursona?: Intimately lifting up your character's chin to look into her eyes as he nears penetrating her in a way to say 'I promise this won't hurt..much', against a wall in a long corridor.
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2-Tailed Taymon

Narutarded Demon Tayra
Fursona/character's name: Meisu
Species: Taymon (Tayra Demon)
Gender: female
Description: the ref is in my siggy!
References: in my siggy ^^
What you want your character with my fursona?: Meisu wearing a collar with a leash attatched. And she should be holding a whip in her mouth or in a tail. And she should have some lightning sparking from her tails as well.

(sorry if this sucks...)


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Morroke: Of course, I can do that. It's very easy to do that. ;3 When I get it done, and posted it on my FA, I will sent you another one through email.

Meisuweasel: Hehe, sound fun. xD It always make me giggle thinking of my fursona domating someone else.

Any more takers? I'm going to wait for a while.


The Black Kat
Name: Valia Provas
Secies: Wolf
Gender: Female
Description: She has silver silver fur. She's a female warrior, and usually dresses in a breast plate with a loose, white tank and wears a blue skirt that's gold-rimmed. She has black lightning on her fur that starts under her left breast and ends over her right thigh. She has a scar on her left eye, which is never opened. Her hair is brown and long. It's kinda styled like this: http://media.animewallpapers.com/wallpapers/claymore/claymore_3_640.jpg
she usually has a long, thin sword, too.


The Black Kat
i posted what she wore and stuff because when I thought of Valia with your character, I thought of her armour and clothes all over the place... whatevs.


Fursona/character's name: Mars
Species: Feline Fox
Gender: Male
Description: do u need one if u have a ref?
References: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3303273
What you want your character with my fursona?: Mars With his arms tied with Rope behind him, his ankles tied with rope, his mouth strapped with Tape and ur fursona holding a leash connected to Mars's neck with a whip in her other hand

Expressions: ur fursona: Smiling evilly, Mars: Scared and concerned


Beer, Beer, BEER!
Either of us would be absolutely delighted to be featured with your sexy wolfess/demon!

Fursona/character's name: Aheria
Species: Maned Wolf/ Jaguar
Gender: Herm - Though gender shifter so pick your poison
References: http://bri.thegerf.net/Art/AheriaArt/AheRef.htm
What you want your character with my fursona?: Bondage, Non-con, rough play would be great. there's a fetish list on my ref page.

Or you could choose my mates' char!

Fursona/character's name: Kashikaoi
Species: Male
Gender: Western Dragon
Description: Big. Blue. Scaily.
References: http://bri.thegerf.net/Art/Kashikaoi_Art/Kashref.htm
What you want your character with my fursona?: Kashi is very submissive. Exploiting this would be good times. :)


almost crazy
Fursona/character's name: Micky Radfox
Species: Fox-Tiger Hybrid
Gender: Male
Description: Chin length bangs, swept towards his left side with a green streak in the front. Back is short and spiked. Green and white fur, bright blue eyes. Has a sharp white birthmark over his left eye, black stripes on this ears and chin. Forarms and shins are black with white stripes and white fluff on his knees and elbows. fingers and toes are white, tail is a fluffy green tail with black stripes and white tip. His back marking forms a crow which overlaps his shoulders followed by 3 stripes under it.
References: haha, with a confusing description like that, of course I do. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3288493
What you want your character with my fursona?: He is cuffed to the bed, and your character riding him wildly. Both of them climax together


My character as a slave femboy (Make up sort of like those geisha or kabuki for inspiration) and your character is tempting him, the look on his face is like as if he was saying "Oh just take me already!"

2-Tailed Taymon

Narutarded Demon Tayra
Morroke: Of course, I can do that. It's very easy to do that. ;3 When I get it done, and posted it on my FA, I will sent you another one through email.

Meisuweasel: Hehe, sound fun. xD It always make me giggle thinking of my fursona domating someone else.

Any more takers? I'm going to wait for a while.

I usually dominate, but will submit to those that are worthy <3


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Maybe Savanah could get in on the fun? She's my alt

Fursona/character's name: Savanah
Species: Ostrich
Gender: hermaphrodite
Description: Ostrich herm. She has shoulder length bleach blond hair that has been fried from dying it so many years.
References: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3313640 (warning- includes nudity)
What you want your character with my fursona?: up for just about everything- Savanah actually loves to be used and abused.

Thanks in advance if you choose to use her :)


I'll give this a shot...

Fursona/character's name: Miette
Species: skunk
Gender: female
Description: She's a purple/white skunk with a pink nose, inner ear and bottoms of feet/hands. She has brown eyes, fluffy/wild white hair with bangs, and oversized black glasses. Piercings: septum, ear lobes and clit hood.
References: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3311778
What you want your character with my fursona? It's her first time with another girl...nothing too graphic, but light bondage would be fine with me.

Thanks :)


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Awesome! It's so hard for me to pick from several requests. I will pick those who are very interesting, and for the rest might be pick later after three slots are clear. I like those request a lot, obviously more than three. xD

No more requests after this post.

BTW, I just get everything including photoshop cs3 to my new laptop, and I need bit of time to adjust to it. I'm incredibly lucky that I brought it a day before the old one broke apart. lol.