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Advance Wars: Days Of Ruin


Bokra, come out to pla-ay
Failing to see why Australia has to wait another month for release (if it was a week, I would of waited and actually bought it), I've still gotten my hands onto the new Advance Wars.
After a day, I'm up to Chapter 20 (Waylon Flies Again), haven't done any Trial maps yet though.

The story is a lot more enjoyable. Short of Will's constant "I AM DOING THE RIGHT THING AND YOU ARE NOT. DON'T GIVE UP HOPE!" attitude with everyone he meets, there's a nice little Grey area that likes to pop up quite often (Ignore Will).

A few new units. The Bike is your Infantry on Wheels. "Flares" launch, well, flares and clears a certain radius of Fog Of War for a turn (It packs a MG.) Are Carriers new?
Honestly, I really didn't pay much attention to Dual Strike.

The largest change is to the CO Powers. For starters, you have to plonk your CO into a unit, then you have to send them personally into the action. The whole actual CO Power deal is a lot nicer than "OMFG SUPERPOWER PWNED!". So rather than "OMFG PWNED", it's now Leading Edge type powers. Depending on the CO, it's stuff like +2 Movement for Ground Units (I think theres a small power boost too).

The changes to the CO Power's and the overall theme of the game makes it different enough making it worthy of a pick-up even if you got bored with Dual Strike.