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Advertising Feedback Wanted

Ad Preference

  • A) Mini Ads

    Votes: 33 75.0%
  • B) Leaderboard Ads

    Votes: 1 2.3%
  • C) Other (Explain in Response)

    Votes: 5 11.4%
  • D) I just wanted to vote in a poll.

    Votes: 5 11.4%

  • Total voters


Machine Washable
I see most people liked the mini-ads more.

Despite this! I bought adspace in both places, and notice that I got more people clicking on the banner ad!
Interesting how that works out.


I can fix it!
I'd like to see adult themed ads only show up to those who are flagged to view such material. It doesn't feel good giving a link to my FA page to people, when censored 'Adult zone' type ads are present. It just seems tacky to me to have links to adult toys to anyone that happens in on the site without being logged in.
You must have missed the memo. Those ads have never been visible to guests or users who have mature/adult content turned off.


inkbunny.net supporter
hm, for someone and evryone who upload artworks on this site, i don't understand why we should get ads when we log in. contributing and being flooded with zoophiliac/gay yiffy paysite's ads? what the fuck.

*pets its adblockplus.org plugin* :3

i'm checking if it's still the case, and oh; surprise ! i see no ads.
now just a suggestion, what about ...just reformatting the page layout, like moving these "nav links" on a more convinient place on the page layout?
and add a <br> after the "search" link.
dammit is that so complex to edit again that phpBB site?

c) if you guys can't afford to host this site, why not give up and recruit a more professional staff, there's plenty people there who could run the thing with just some ads and not that "donatepls" thing again. regarding the audience/ranking ofd furaff, just a good ad banner on the bottom of each page (which would be adblocked by the users anyway) could easily do it enough to maintain the main site up monthly.
even after one year you guys could hire a web dezsigner to do something (because, oh god... just look at it, once!)
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